3 Golden Rules of Colouring Skirting Boards

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Painting skirting boards is a trend that dates back the Georgian era. During the World Wars, this practice was overlooked and avoided, because creating standard mass produces skirting boards was cheaper and more efficient. However, as of late, colorful skirting boards are in fashion once again and we couldn’t be more thrilled. This awesome trend is making homes much more vibrant and attractive. White walls have their clear advantages, but you have to admit, it’s much more fun to paint your walls in your favorite color and choose matching skirting. If you agree with us, then you shouldn’t overlook these three golden rules of skirting coloring.

Rule #1 – Choose the right colors

If you have decided to paint your skirting boards, then it’s crucial to determine what vibe you want your home to have. As we mentioned above, different paint color combination, skirting board style, and brightness are all features that will affect the general vibe of your house.

Brighter colors will make the home look lively and bright, while darker colors will result in a deeper contrast look. Whether you choose light colors or dark colors, remember that this will have side effects on how you will perceive the space in your home. Brighter colors make rooms look more spacious, while darker colors make them look cozier and smaller.

Rule #2 – Choose a nice design

Depending on how you want your home to look, you might have to replace the skirting boards that are in already in place. Here are some of the main reasons for changing the skirting boards:

  • They are old and brittle;
  • They are so damaged that you cannot apply paint;
  • The skirting boards finish is in bad shape and has too many layers of paint;
  • The skirting boards’ design does not match the interior design of your home;

All of these aspects will determine if you do in fact need to replace the skirting boards. The good news is, with so many options available on the market, changing them will be quite effortless.

Rule #3 – Create the right atmosphere

Depending on what your house looks like and how you want the general atmosphere to be you might want to think carefully about the patterns and colors of the walls. The colors of the walls are very important, as they influence the whole interior design. You should also think of how you want your guests to feel when they enter your home:

  • If you want to create an illusion of space, you should only use light colors. Keep in mind that dark colors make rooms seem smaller than they are.
  • If you want to make the ceiling seem higher, you should paint the walls and ceiling white. If you want to create the opposite effect, use darker colors for the ceiling as well.

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