How to Get a Boyfriend – Top 3 Things Girls Should Know to Get a Boyfriend

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Sure, you’ve had your eye on him for a while and you feel that he might be the perfect match for you. The only problem is he doesn’t seem to have noticed you at all. Do you want to know how to get a boyfriend? Are you ready to learn the secrets to getting a boyfriend and establishing a long term relationship? More importantly, do you know what these secrets are? It takes work and work isn’t easy. However, with the right amount of time and effort you will be able to find a boyfriend.

So, let’s start with the most obvious tip. Ask yourself, “Do I want to develop a long term relationship?” The reason you have wondered about this is because the first thing on your mind may be, “I wonder if I can have him as a boyfriend.” You need to get past this step. If you are not really into the idea of being in a committed relationship and you are just interested in a casual relationship, then this is not the best way to go about finding a boyfriend.

So, you have decided that maybe you like the guy and you want to make a long term relationship a reality. Your next step is to be yourself and get out there. This is not to say that you should sit at home waiting for someone to come and ask you if you want to be a boyfriend. Instead, you should go out and have fun. Try to attract men or try dating on sites like If you go to a party or a bar and wait for the right guy to come your way, you will be disappointed. There are many guys out there that are single and looking for something more than a one night stand.

Don’t dismiss the guys that are already with you and are also looking to get a relationship. You may be more physically attracted to someone else, but if you are looking for a long term relationship then you should try to get to know them before you make any further moves. This is also a good time to learn a few things about the guy you are dating. How confident is he in regards to his career, his goals, and his future plans? Do you sense a certain confidence and neediness in him? If he seems ready to have kids and if you feel like you might be able to support a family of your own someday, maybe it is time to reconsider a serious relationship.

How do you feel about the guy you are dating? Do you feel safe? Do you trust him? Do you like the people he hangs out with? When you go out, do you feel lonely and alone or do you feel you have a nice-sized pool of people that you could possibly potentially date? A lot enters into the decision making process in a new relationship. Do you trust that the guy you are seeing is not someone you can find out more about some day? Do you have followed up on any new leads? Have you decided to let the guy that you are seeing go? While you may feel like you do, don’t be fooled. Do you really believe that he is the perfect guy for you, even if you haven’t climbed peaks with him?

When you are searching for a guy to date and possibly to fall in love with, your criteria need to be realistic and flexible, but you do need to have something- at least theell else in mind. An easy way to make things even more complicated is to still try to be “the girl friend” when you are hanging out with (or seeing) a guy. This will keep you from being overly attached, but you will be forced to put your principles aside and form a real connection with someone. If you really want to spend the rest of your life with someone, then giving the relationship a real chance costs you nothing, but plenty of time to find out if this is a guy worth climbing the Everest with.

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